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Original Title : SARAH, PLAIN AND TALL
Copyright © 1985 by Patricia MacLachlan
Illustrated by Roberto Tomei
Revised edition 2004  by HarperTrophy ® [ an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers ]
 Cover art © 2004 by Harry Bliss
Cover © 2004 by HarperCollins Publishers Inc.

“Did Mama sing every day?” asked Caleb.
“Every-single-day?” “And did Papa sing, too?”

Caleb never knew her Mama. He can only imagine her from Anna’s stories. That she always smile and laughing. That she love to sing about birds and flowers, sometimes about moon at nightime. But he knew that her Mama love him very much, just like she love Anna and Papa too.

No one tell the truth about how Mama dies after giving birth her little baby, who named Caleb. The lost of her loveable mother and wife, to Anna and Papa, mixed-up with the present of new baby who later grow-up into a boy who not only clever but also loveable too, like her Mama.

And then, one day Papa announce that he will give a really big-present to his children. He invited a woman who might be, will become new Mama to his little children. That Woman, who never they meet, are going to come far away from Maine, and they will get to know each others for a month then them will decided together, whether she will continue to become new wifw of Jacob  Witting and mother of Anna and Caleb. Her name Sarah Elizabeth  Wheaton with her cat named Seal. 

Before Sarah coming, both Anna and Caleb are allow to write her a letter, at least to know a little-bit about each others. Sarah use to be living with her brother, but since he is going to married soon, and his wife will be replacing Sarah’s position as househandle, she really considering the proportision of becoming member of Jacob Witting’s family. Jacob Witting still in love with his late wife, but he have to looks for new wife considering his two little children’s future. Both Anna and Caleb really happy and excited to meet Sarah. They all waiting and waiting until Sarah told when she will arrive. Then the letter coming with short message : “Dear Jacob, I will come by train . I will wear a yellow bonnet. I am plain and tall. Sarah. (Tell them I sing too)”

This story very short, but every words and dialogue are well written, so beautiful decribe and touch my feeling at the same time. The idea how marrige and family can be build just by meeting stranger, it might a little bit absurb for these common sense. But the author also reveal about the situation on Jacob Whitting family, and where Sarah came from. I guess when you open-up your heart and mind, to except the offers to happiness that really simple and truthfull, new family can be build just within a month. I really love how the author write the relationship between Anna, Caleb and Sarah. Their conversation so truthfull, honest, makes me wanna smile, laugh and tears-up at the same time (^_^) ... later I also find out that this is the first book of its series, well I must put this on my wishlist, ‘cause is a lovely and unforgetable story (even when she is just ‘plain and tall’)

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  1. huaaa.. it was only yesterday when i put this book into my "wishlist" for the "wishful wednesday" post and when i add your blog to my "reading" a while ago, i found this post! coincidence? *hmm* hahaha.. perhaps it's a 'sign' that i should read this book, ahahahahaha :)) and your review makes me want to read it even more!! ^o^


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