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Text copyright © 2006 by Angie Sage
Illustration and cover art copyright © 2006 by Jimmy Pickering
Cover design by Amy Ryan
ISBN 978-0-06-077483-7 | 160 p
First Harper Trophy edition, 2008 (an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers)
Suitable for ages 7 – 10
Rate : 3 of 5

Araminta Spookie live in the Spookie House with Aunt Tabby and Uncle Drac, ever since ‘the accident’ who took both her parents. This big-old house just like castle are really full with old-junk, empty rooms and of course secret passage. Not the mention all ghost who haunted the castle, even though Araminta never sees one of them, despite how hard she working on ghost-tracker. She really love the house, often plays hide-seek or just imagining old days everytime she sees Sir Horace – an ancient armour-statue, who often got falling apart (his head, his arm, of his legs). Then Aunt Tabby bring a surprising news, Spookie House is gonna be sell, and they all will moving into a smaller apartemen with modern equipment.

But Araminta does not want to move, she like it in Spookie House. So she must start the new project, how to get ride out all customer who come to visit the house. Starting by the real-estate agen, who ‘accindently’ got fresh-splash from aquarium water right in front the door. Then Araminta becoming ‘flying-ghost’ when some of intereted customer are shown the hose by Aunt Tabby. Araminta always got the new idea to scare of the customer, specially when she finally meet the ghost of Spookie House, and with their help, Araminta determine ti keep the house, no matter how Aubt Tabby refuse the idea. But that not until the arrival of Wizzard Family, Barry and Brenda, with their cat Pusskins and little girl name Wanda, they all love magic and guess what, they also love ‘spookie-house’ ...

Is a lot different than Septimus Heap Series who more complicated and full with dark-fantasy, secret and conspiracy, Angie Sage specially write this series for younger reader, but still gave an interesting plot to even older readers. Araminta are really smart girl, never quite the type to follow-the-order, but despite her stubborn manner, she have such big heart and generous act, as long its not against her big-plan...she so curious about everything, never been scary or even spooks by such a ghosts. But her intention (who actually good) mostly got the wrong result and almost always against Aunt Tabby rules’ – only Uncle Drac who love her unconditionally, that’s because he also an eccentric person, who prefer stays in the dark room, sleep on the sleeping bags that hanging in the turret with bats all over the room.  

And additional to that, I love all the illustration made by Jimmy Pickering, specially when he ‘capture’ the imaginary of those characters. From naughty but kind Araminta with Aunt Tabby and Uncle Drac, both have different approac to teach her and love her too. Then don’t forget the ghots, from Sir Horace – a very polite ghost and gentleman too, who like quietness  so he can rest a sleep in his hiding places before Araminta found him and keep asking his assistance (as a gentleman he cannot refuse those request). And my favorite so far – the cute little ghost, a boy named Edmud. If you looking for fresh-funny and rather light reading, this is your perfect choice for it (^_^)

Angie Sage, the celebrated author of the internationally bestselling Septimus Heap series, lives in a very old house in the west of England. The west of England is a Magykal place, with marshes, ancient ports, and ruined castles – just likie in Septimus’s world. It is a great place to live and write both the Septimus Heap and Araminta Spookie series. You can visit her online at

Jimmy Pickering, studied film and character animation, and the illustrator of several picture books. You can visit him online at

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