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Text copyright © 2006 by Angie Sage
Illustration and cover art copyright © 2006 by Jimmy Pickering
Cover design by Amy Ryan
ISBN 978-0-06-077486-8 | 224 p
First Harper Trophy edition, 2008 (an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers)
Suitable for ages 7 – 10
Rate : 4 of 5

Araminta are looking forward for her birthday that coming up next week. But then, Aunt Tabby got surprising news, she won a holiday-trip to Transylvania. At first Araminta really happy, but then she found that Aunt Tabby are not going take her in this holiday, instead she and Uncle Drac will joining Barry and Brenda Wizzard. Disappointed then upset, that’s she feels, not only Aunt Tabby seems forgotten about her birthday, she also asking great-aunt Emiline to watch and act as sitter for Araminta and Wanda. Those are the worse thing that can happen in their life. But Araminta never lost her briliant idea to ‘get-rid-out’ great-aunt-Emiline. Then all the perfect plan are ruined. First when great-aunt Emiline did not show up at Spookie House the day when Aunt Tabby and companion already prepare to leave. So Aunt Tabby must find the replacement quickly, and she bring-back Nurse Watkins instead.

Again Araminta proove she can manage the situation, and the day after tomorrow, when great-aunt Emiline supposed to be arrive at Spookie House, she is not coming, instead she send Mathilda – Araminta cousin, who she admirer by the cool looks and appearances. Seems everything will be much better and happier, but something else happens. Mathilda did not come alone, she also bring ‘friend’ – two boys called Ned and Jed who really strange and weird, something bothering Araminta buth she did not quite understood what is it. Until Wanda, who never brilliant (that’s Araminta’s part) discover the truth, that Ned and Jed are ghosts – and worse, ‘cause they are poltergeists – a naughty ghost who like making messes and playing around. Ned and Jed not just annoying anymore, they delibrately making unfunny joke and prangs on Araminta, Wanda, even Sir Horace – until he can’t stand anymore and decide to move others place. Now Araminta must act quickly, ‘cause she did not want loose her friendly ghosts.

Moral issue :
About little girls taking responsibility while left ‘accidently’ home-alone without adult supervision. At first they thought if was just fun and free from any house rules, but then come along the risk like a lot of abandon duties regarding all the routine-house-duties. They never knew so many things have to be done, from taking-care the boiler, do the groceries, cooking so they can eat properly, and then clean-up and laundry...whew, such horrible and really hard-works, specially when there is two ghost who ruined the house inside-out. Vacations is no fun at all !! 

Angie Sage, the celebrated author of the internationally bestselling Septimus Heap series, lives in a very old house in the west of England. The west of England is a Magykal place, with marshes, ancient ports, and ruined castles – just like in Septimus’s world. It is a great place to live and write both the Septimus Heap and Araminta Spookie series. You can visit her online at

Jimmy Pickering, studied film and character animation, and the illustrator of several picture books. You can visit him online at

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