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Text copyright © 2007 by Angie Sage
Illustration and cover art copyright © 2007 by Jimmy Pickering
Cover design by Amy Ryan
ISBN 978-0-06-077489-9 | 224 p
First Harper Trophy edition, 2009 ( an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers )
Suitable for ages 7 – 10
Rate : 3 of 5

If anything weird and troubling happens in Spookie House, everyone (by means all the adult person, unless Uncle Drac) will be looking for Araminta, because of many brilliant idea she puts on the tasks. But this time, she refuse to blame and taking responsibilty on the dissappearing Bary Wizzard’s frogs. You see, Barry have a magical frogs who taught to be an acrobatic frogs. Like Uncle Drac who love his bats, so Barry would lost without his frogs. No matter how hard Araminta say it to Barry that she did not take or hide those frogs, Barry never believe it, just looking so sad and ‘stil-blame-it’ on Araminta. So she have no choice than to clear her name.

That’s why Araminta decide to becoming a detective, with first mission, looking-out who really steal Barry’s frogs. With the helps of Wanda as her assistant (even she prefer as a partner), they looking-out the clues, follow the trace and search for evidence, start with first suspect : Nurse Watkins – who appears on the same days when thos frogs are missing. Nurse Watkins are often come to Spookie House to help Uncle Drac exercise his walk after he had accident that broke his legs. Poor Uncle Drac, he so miserable because Nurse Watkins are not the type of sweet-gentle nurse.

She gigantic like a wresler with big-high voice determine to watch like a hawk and order step-by-step hard exercise until Uncle Drac prefer to hide in the corner. Now back on Araminta and Wanda mission, seems the briliant idea did not works smoothly like they imagine. Specially when they have to follow the suspect in Old Morris’s place – who use-to-be- a mushroom farm, now changes into waterland recreations. With the help of Sir Horace who knows a little-bit about this place (he dies in the dungeon below this building), detective Araminta and her assistant (partner) Wanda are prepare to face the worse enemy.

Moral issue :
I think this story just ask the reader to have fun by playing ‘detective’ and again little Araminta did not lost her charm and lots of idea to make such interesting game (but she really taking the situation very seriously, and that’s why is so funny). But the most hillarious act I have to gave credit to Sir Horace (^_^) – now, how can you make ‘a ghost’ who live inside the steel armour to walks out-side the building, goes near beaches and getting inside of the waterland, despite his fear of ‘rush’ (you must remember he is form form steel hohoho)

Angie Sage, the celebrated author of the internationally bestselling Septimus Heap series, lives in a very old house in the west of England. The west of England is a Magykal place, with marshes, ancient ports, and ruined castles – just likie in Septimus’s world. It is a great place to live and write both the Septimus Heap and Araminta Spookie series. You can visit her online at

Jimmy Pickering, studied film and character animation, and the illustrator of several picture books. You can visit him online at

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