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Text copyright © 2006 by Angie Sage
Illustration and cover art copyright © 2006 by Jimmy Pickering
Cover design by Amy Ryan
ISBN 978-0-06-077486-8 | 224 p
First Harper Trophy edition, 2008 (an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers
Suitable for ages 7 – 10
Rate : 3,5 of 5

Is never get bored when you live in Spookie House. Anything can happen any time. Like when Aunt Tabby tripped over Sir Horace’s treasure chest. Then Pusskins ‘seems’ missing, although only Brenda who feeling her lost. Others, specially Araminta who never be friend with that hideous cat, did not bother regarding Pusskins whereabout. But after days, everyone (specially Aunt Tabby) really annoyed by Brenda act, looking all over place for her precious cat. So when Aunt Tabby ordering everyone must help Brenda to look for Pusskins, that means Araminta too...despite her urgent mission to find the mystery behind scary werewolf she found around corner when bat-poo are pilling.

Both mission are never complitely done, when the door-bell are ringing, and unexpected visitors are arrive at Spookie House. One of the visitor are Uncle Drac’s mother, that’s means also Araminta’s great-aunt Emiline – a scary old woman, even Aunt Tabby really speechless in front of her (something Araminta never sees in her life). Great-aunt Emilene are not just visited, she brought two child with her, and almost grow-up girl name Mathilda and her little brother Maximilian. Since Mathilda are going into boarding school and great-aunt Emilene will be gone for cruising, she decide that little Max should stays in Spookie House. With her ways, no one dare to says otherwise unto those demands.

So Araminta who didn’t like the ‘slicky’ looks on Maximilian are prepare to avoid and ignore that little rascal. But she shock when Wanda acting really nice to Max, even gave him attention that never-never she tried in when she with Araminta...some bestfriend she is. But Araminta are use to be alone before Wanda and her family move-in. So she didn’t care to much, specially when she focus on the mission to trapped the werewolf and vampire who hidden inside the Spookie House. Then she found a terrible and scary secret regarding Maximilian – he is the vampire...what she should do ?

Moral issue :
Friendship can be build between two strangers, but also can be separated by others strangers. Like Araminta who always be alone at first time, did not quite like either when Wanda and her family moving-in. But at last she like her too, despite her ‘grouwling’ on Wanda’s ignorance, you can tell that she like it Wanda very much (yes, wanda is cute little girls, can stop smiling when ‘hear’ how she can argueing with Araminta. And on this story, Maximilian just another little boy who lonely but acting like some kind hero, hiding his fear that ended with the result he being accused as the vampire (^_^)

Angie Sage, the celebrated author of the internationally bestselling Septimus Heap series, lives in a very old house in the west of England. The west of England is a Magykal place, with marshes, ancient ports, and ruined castles – just likie in Septimus’s world. It is a great place to live and write both the Septimus Heap and Araminta Spookie series. You can visit her online at

Jimmy Pickering, studied film and character animation, and the illustrator of several picture books. You can visit him online at

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