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Books "LIAR & SPY"

Original Title : LIAR & SPY
Text copyright © 2012 by Rebecca Stead
Cover art copyright © 2012 by Yan Nascimbene
Published by Yearling ; an imprint of Random House Children’s Books
First Yearling Edition 2013 ; 186 p ; ISBN 978-0-375-85087-5
Cetakan I : 20 ; 182 hlm ; ISBN 979-20-2485-9
Rate : 4 of 5

What you gonna do when the world you living are turn up-side down ? Well, human are known as the most-adapted person, specially when the whole environment are changing. Just like what seventh grader Georges (the S is silent) do, when Dad lost hisa job and Mom got to do the double-shift at the hospital, then they must sell their home and move into smaller apartment. It’s a big change for little boy, but he can understood even without any explaination from his parents.

What did not changes, he still have to go to the same school everyday, meet with teachers, some are his favorite, some are not or just plain boring in the class. He also still categories as unpopular kid, then added with new label when Dallas Llewellyn – a school bullies with his gang, makes him a new target at school. Everyday will be unbareable for him, until he meet the neighbour in the new apartment.

Start with ‘secret-meeting’ in the Spy Club in the basement, when finally he meet Safer and his sister Candy. Safer are the leader, he teach and gave instruction of what should do and what shouldn’t do as the great spies. As the new apprentice, Georges must taking step-by-step all the instruction ‘till detail. From passive observations ‘till agresive move to encounter the prime suspect : named Mr. X – the mysterious man who always wear in black, living in the room just above Georges’ apartment.

At first is a fun and thrilling adventure for Georges, but then Safer taking another further step like breaking into Mr. X apartment, that’s worried Georges. And when he refuse to take part of dangerous game, Safer just challenge him to do their last action.... Did Georges accept the challenge knowing there will dangerous and consider as criminal activity, or he dare to lose his friendship with someone he really like and admire from the first time they meet ?

This whole story are really fun and full with adventure. At the first time, I think this is just another children’s stories, but in the middle, something changes. Not only the mystery behind the character’s activities, the words used as the dialogue (mostly like Georges self-thinking written as a journal in his mind) are getting deeper, questioning about what’s is right and what’s is wrong in the mind of a child. I must say, beginning in the middle to the end, another surprise reveal the reality of its story.

It’s a very deep, funnier, adventures, brilliance story, about courage to face the reality of life, that often so horrible, uglies and hard, even for adult, and this case our main character are seven years old boy. Is not unsual children story, but it’s so good, with gripping scenery. By the end of last page, I must say that (again) can’t help when tears coming out from my eyes. Rebecca Stead also known as her previous works ‘When You Reach Me’ who also winner of Newbery Medal. After reading this book, I definitely going to search her others works (specially one that won Newbery Medal).  

About Author :
Rebecca Stead, born in January 16, 1968 at New York City. She is American writer of fiction for children and teens. She is the author of two previous novels, First Light and her second novel When You Reach Me, which was a New York Times bestseller also  winner of the Newbery Medal and the Boston Globe-Horn Book Award for Fiction. Now she lives in New York City with her family.

[ more about the author and related works, just check at here : Rebecca Stead | on Goodreads | at Twitter ]

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